Corporate Social Responsibility
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Corporate organizations are mostly believed to work for profit maximization and this is the only motive of them. But then the concept of wealth maximization came in corporate society. They started to work for all the type of stakeholders they have, be them their clients or employees. Soon they realized that the society as a whole is the biggest stakeholder. It holds the total structure and gives corporate the existence they have. This is known as CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY.

Adhikary Group of Companies realizing very early in its life, that taking steps for responsibilities towards society will keep us pure and make us strong enough to take burdens of other corporate responsibilities.

A charity of money is effective for just the span of time till the money is spent over. A charity of Kinds may help people till the related substances have their own life span. But there is one eternal thing that will help the less fortunate to fight out the tough time and bring fortune to their lives. That is Knowledge and Education.

Adhikary Group of companies have taken the oath of educating the less fortunate and make them self sufficient enough, that they don’t require any mercy of other more fortunate people. Adding this portion of society in productive and working force for the society will make them valuable contributor towards economic growth of the world.

The programs we decided to initiate:

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